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As a business owner, hosting and all that goes along with it is just one more issue that you have to deal with. Not any more. If you host with us, your worries will be gone.

We offer a fully managed bespoke hosting solution. We want to make your life as easy as possible. So you can sleep sound at night knowing that your site is as safe as can be and is blistering fast for all your visitors.
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Why choose us?


Sites get hacked all the time. Even the biggest and best. But smaller sites are hacked more. Why? Because they’re usually less secure. Not with us.

How do you deal with the threat of hacking? One, you make sure it never happens in the first place. Two, you still prepare for the million to one chance that it does.

Protection starts at the server level. For smaller sites, including ours, we start with 6G Firewall. For bigger sites, with more traffic, we upgrade to ModSecurity. 

Wordpress also needs to be secure in itself and for this reason we use Virusdie and Sucuri so that your site is protected 24/7 from poor plugins, hacking attempts, viruses and malware. 

We also get the basics right. Plugins have to be updated and you must have the latest PHP and WordPress at all times. You also have to use https and can’t have any mixed content.

Backups and monitoring

When we host your site, the chances of it going down are a million to one. But a good host is ready for everything. What you need is a back up and restore solution that’s 100% reliable and 100% fast. We do this in several ways. First, we back up your site every hour locally. Secondly, we back up your site daily to a remote server. Restoration takes a couple of minutes. 

But what if something affects the entire server and there’s no quick fix? For this reason we also host your site on a completely different backup server. It’s normally hidden, but If something happens to your main server we just change the A record to your backup. Because we use the fastest DNS service, within about 5 minutes you’ll be back up.

Of course, none of this useful if your site isn’t being monitored. For this reason we use UpTimeRobot which checks your site every 5 minutes. We get an SMS if something is wrong. With all of this in the background, you can rest easy.

The need for speed

The speed of your website is a ranking factor. And slow speed is a conversion killer. Your server is one factor that can impact your Time to First Byte (TTFB) and page load times. We’ll make sure that your hosting never slows you down. How?

Nowhere near close to capacity. We’ll make sure that you have way too much ram, way too much processing power and way too much bandwidth.You’ll be ready for any spikes in traffic. We monitor the stats so we’re never close to capacity. 

We also use gzip compression, http2, the fastest DNS in the world, and server side caching so WordPress doesn’t even have to load up before showing your pages.

If you have a global audience you could also benefit from using a Content Delivery Network (CDN). We work with Google CDN, the fastest in the world, or Bunny CDN. We’ll find the best fit so you can relax. 

Only the best cloud hosting

We use cloud hosting and not shared VPS hosting. Why? Because with VPS hosting, you’re only a small part of one server which can go down. You also share it with people who may hog all the resources or even do unsavory things that can harm your site and reputation.

With cloud hosting you’re in control. You can instantly scale to have more resources and you can’t get pulled down by unknown sites. And being in the cloud, your site is not reliant on physical infrastructure but spread out in a cluster so nothing physical can take you down. If you’re getting too much traffic it, you’ll just be routed to another idle cloud server in the cluster.

Right now cloud hosting is the best hosting option available. Reliable and fast. Most big sites use it.

We only use the best cloud hosting providers according to industry figures. We also can change your hosting, say from Google Cloud to Vultr, in about two minutes.
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What people say about us

"The guys at Marketing365 are some of the best. Really good people."
George Desipris
MD @

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Why choose us?
Quality over quanitity
We don’t have or want many clients.
We’re always available
Chat, email or phone. We’ll be there.
We want to make you money
We’re not young, trendy and creative. We get the job done.
We can see where your business can grow
It may be PPC. It may be local SEO. Our experience gives us insight.
We ‘re experts at finding the profititability sweet spot
When it comes to PPC, we know that spending more is not always best. We spend the right amount to make you the most money.
20+ years of experience each
Expertise comes from experience.

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