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Is your site blazing fast? Not just in total load time but also perceived load time? Are you using schema to the full? Is your site genuinely mobile first? Are your title tags too long? Do you have orphaned pages or mismatched canonicals?

On site and technical SEO is becoming ever more important. It can make your site rank highly increase your organic click through rate (CTR). We’ll analyse your site and make recommendations for you to implement or we’ll do it for you.
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What can we do for you?

Site speed

Is your site blazing fast?

Speed is a ranking factor [ Google ]. And slow speed is a conversion killer - especially on mobile devices [ Akamai ]. But what do we mean by speed. And what contributes to it?

Speed means total load time and perceived load time. Sites like GTmetrix tell you about total load time and Google Lighthouse can tell you about both - but prioritise how fast you have meaningful content that the user wants.

The biggest and best ranking sites can fail GTmetrix but pass Google Lighthouse. Because they use lazy loading, they disable, defer or async scripts and CSS. From this we can determine that passing Google's tests is more important.

We’ll look at your site and make a comprehensive report on how to make it load faster and if you use WordPress we’ll even do the work ourselves so your fast is blistering fast. In total load time and also perceived time. Watch your rankings go up and you conversion rates increase.


Are you doing all you can?

Google loves schema. Schema tells Google about your content and that you care enough about your site to implement it. And if schema features like review stars, recipes, offers, or events appear in search results, your click through rate can go up by 30% [ Search Engine Land ]. It’s a win-win.

But even small changes - like having your keyword in your breadcrumbs can lead to small but significant CTR uplifts.

The upshot? We suggest that you use schema wherever possible. We’ll look at your site and prioritise where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. If you use Wordpress, or static html we can even do the work for you.

And even if you don’t see an immediate result, it’s still a good idea. As Google comes to trust your site more, there’s every chance that your schema mark-up will show in search. And how does Google trust your site? One way is with schema - so it’s a virtuous circle.

Mobile first

is your site genuinely mobile first?

Most people look at websites on their mobile phones. They read the news, and watch movies all on small screens. And Google now looks at the mobile version of your site to determine how to rank your site - on mobile and desktop [ Google ].

The upshot? Mobile can’t be an after thought. You can’t hide important content and text needs to be readable. How many times have you seen a mobile site with huge text in the centre of the page? It’s uncomfortable to look at and difficult to read. You lose visitors and risk lower ranking. The bad news? You also can’t ignore desktop. This is another common mistake. And it’s lazy. Mobile first should not be desktop third. Mobile usage is about 51% of internet traffic [ Statcounter ]. It’s important to know what it is for your market. But you can’t reject desktop either.

We’ll analyse your site and point out the opportunities where you’re giving your visitors an unnecessarily hard time. r site but give you an honest appraisal of the work that needs doing. We don’t want you to waste your time.

Technical audits

Have you missed anything?

Over time, sites become messy. One redirect turns to 3, or get broken. Your canonical urls don’t match and you have mixed content. An intern also made several articles about variants of your main product. And now you have 3 pages on page two rather than 1 page on page one.

Stop. Most of this is garbage. Many agencies will try to sell site audits as being very important. They aren’t. Chances are you won’t get any real boost from cleaning up these issues.

Google is forgiving. Redirects now pass all value [ Search Engine Journal ]. Google won’t rank the wrong page just because you have a bad canonical [ Search Engine Journal ]. Orphan pages aren’t really orphans if they link to the main site (Google reads links both ways [ Google ]). And nowadays, if there is a serious issue, Search Console will tell you [ Google ]).

We’re an honest agency. We’ll analyze your site but give you an honest appraisal of the work that needs doing. We don’t want you to waste your time.

Our fees

Most agencies that offer a set fee have a standard automated report. A spider crawls your site and gives you some data. They add your logo and charge a standard fee. We don't do this. We tailor make our proposals based on your business and your business alone so you don't waste your time and you get results that will make you more money. Contact us today to start a dialogue that will lead to more profits.
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