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Free, paid and shared

Gone are the days where you could run a Facebook page and people would see your posts for free. It’s harder than ever to make use of social media profitably.

But you can't ignore social media because your customers don't. And the social platforms are getting more popular every day.  Bing even says that social signals directly impact your search ranking. 

But we know you don’t want to waste time and money. Profit is your aim, not popularity, and if you work with us, that’s what we’ll bring you.
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What can we do and why choose us

What can we do for you

Paid Social
Paid Social Advertising
Site or social retargetting and advertising for sales and profit
Facebook & Instagram
Site or social retargetting and advertising for sales and profit
Organic Social
Organic Social
Increase your brand awareness and join the conversation. It is also possible to generate interest and revenue.
It is possible to generate interest and visits with Instagram which can lead to sales.
hosting & domains
Social Schema
Is your site properly configured for sharing with open graph and twitter cards and do you have custom featured images set up so that if someone shares your site it looks better than the rest? This is an important of social media marketing.

Why choose us?

ROI focused
Above all else, we’re experienced in making you real money. We can help you with brand awareness and followers. But this is not our specialty. We’re laser focused on clear and measurable results.
20+ years of experience each
If there’s a trick, we know it. An angle? We’ve already tried it.
Joined up thinking & experience
Getting your site ranking and converting is never about one or two things. Social media is part of the mix. Your customers expect to find you there. 

The search engines expect to find you there. And your site must be to be ready to be shared and to shine.
Ready to cut losses & ignore vanity metrics
As social media platforms monetise more to please their investors, they actively try to make it harder for you to use their platforms cost free or even cheaply. 

You need to be ready cut your losses and focus on what works. Followers are now a vanity metric. Profit isn’t.

Paid vs Organic Social Media

If you’re interested in making money for your website using social media, what are the best methods to do this in 2019? And what should you be wary of?

Paid: Retargetting

Retargetting is the most effective way to use social media advertising. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter give the greatest returns, in that order. And there is a lower average cost per click compared to Google retargeting.

The most successful retargeting targets the people who visited your site but didn’t purchase. But you might later also look at people that have engaged with your social media content - not only your site.

ROI’s of 200% are not uncommon. But you should also have an understanding of your real combined ROI. If you spent $10 on getting someone to your site and $6 getting them back, that’s $16 in total. Remarketing calculations only consider the $6. That’s not the basis for a genuine ROI figure.

You should also be wary of false positives. What if your visitors would come back any way? Try turning off your campaign to test. Most agencies will want to impress you with high ROI figures. Our aim is to genuinely impact your bottom line.

The more targeted the adverts are the more effective they are; starting with abandoned baskets. But if someone shows an interest in a particular product your advert should focus on that and related products. Relevance leads to higher ROI.

Let us take care of your social media advertising to genuinely increase your profits not just deliver impressive looking ROIs or vanity metrics like followers and likes.

Paid: Facebook & Instagram

Since Facebook purchased Instagram in 2013 it’s grown from 90 million users to over half a billion users. It’s the fastest growing social network [ Search Engine Journal ].

Using Facebook, and by extension Instagram, we can target people based on likes (even for your competitors), demographics, location, education, work, interests and even life events like having a child or moving house.

With this level of focus it is possible to drive converting traffic to your website. It could work for your company and we suggest trying it. That said, the key difference between social media advertising and search engine advertising is search intent.

Someone searching on Google or Bing for dog houses could easily intend to buy a dog house. Someone who loves dogs and is a fan pet supply companies on Facebook may or may not want to buy a dog house.

Targeting people with an intent to purchase on social media is difficult but possible. For example, someone who has just got engaged and is part of a group called ‘Mortgage Comparsion’ could be interested in buying a mortgage. You often have to set up complex audiences and gradually expand them.

Let us take care of your social media advertising and spend your money only when it will bring you profit.

Non paid: Facebook

As Facebook continues to drive profits via advertising it becomes increasingly difficult to use the platform organically to make money.

Facebook’s revenue grew from 7.87 billion in 2013 to 55.8 billion US dollars in 2018 [ Statista ]. A large reason for this growth is that it is now harder to make money without paying Facebook.

Facebook now wants company pages to be focused on customer services and to reach people that like your page you must pay. To get a good following you must also pay for advertising. Paying double helps Facebook make money, not you.

Facebook groups however are increasingly used by businesses. Facebook actively show groups in search results. Be part of the conversation on other groups (don’t break any rules on promotion) and consider starting your own.

If you offer neutral views and only gently promote your product it could lead to more sales. But only after you’ve looked at options that are more certain to work. If you work with us on your organic social media marketing we’ll focus on areas that are most most likely to bring in profit for you.

Non paid: Twitter & Instagram

Instagram remains an open platform for business. However, most people don't use Instagram when looking to buy products or services. So it is always difficult to generate sales. However, you can still use Instagram as a way to generate visits and exposure. Bing also says that social signals impact ranking. 

Start with great photos and hashtags but trying to influence the influencers can also work. Tag them in photos, repost and more. Getting a mention from famous figure can lead to brand exposure that would normally cost a lot of money.
The best way to get sales is to create a large following. But this takes time and may still have small  pay offs. One trick is to promote a range of products so you become associated with great deals.

But without a huge following, you can also be part of part in big conversations. This can lead to sales but it’s more a way to to gain exposure. For example, If the Thomas Cook collapse is trending, a travel company might offer a discount to anyone that had to come home early, this could get a lot of exposure.
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Our fees

Our fees for managing your social media start from just £300 per month or 320€. Let us put together a custom proposal for you based on your exact needs and want. Contact us today to start making more money from your social media channels.

We work with

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About us

i am
I've got 20 years in the industry. I've worked for a search engine, design studios, an online magazine and a commerce awards / exhibition organisation. I also spent five years working for an e-commerce platform. I've lived and worked in the UK and San Francisco. I'm a Cambridge certificated programmer with an HND in Multimedia Design and a Bachelor's degree in Interactive Design. I'm based in York.
Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, Vue Js, C++, SQL.
Yorgos Xylouris
I have 22 years experience in the digital sphere. 17 in PPC. I started in 1997 and founded  one of the biggest online travel portals in Greece. SInce then I've worked in the ferry and print businesses specialising in Google Ads. But also Bing and others. I love wringing out a profit even when it seems impossible.  Over the years I've also been involved in SEO for the travel/hotels industry. I live in Crete.
Paid Ads (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yandex.Direct), SEO, Web Hosting, Analytics, CRO, WordPress.
Francis Scriven
i am
I have 16 years experience in online marketing. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems Design and a Masters in Digital Marketing from Oxford Brookes Business School.  My experience comes from working in house which brings a different perspective to people with only agency experience. I live in Naxos. 
WordPress, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email Marketing,  PPC,  Copywriting, Link-Building.
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What people say about us

"They really know what they are doing. I would be more than happy to recommend them."
Rory Mcall
Marketing Manager
@ Celtic Link Ferries
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Why choose us?
Quality over quanitity
We don’t have or want many clients.
We’re always available
Chat, email or phone. We’ll be there.
We want to make you money
We’re not young, trendy and creative. We get the job done.
We can see where your business can grow
It may be PPC. It may be local SEO. Our experience gives us insight.
We ‘re experts at finding the profititability sweet spot
When it comes to PPC, we know that spending more is not always best. We spend the right amount to make you the most money.
20+ years of experience each
Expertise comes from experience.

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