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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 

We want to give you the tools and the know-how to make you a digital money making expert. To stop needing our services or the service of any other agency. 

If you’re serious about your digital future, it’s the right choice.
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What we can offer you

Why choose us?

An average of 20 years experience each 
If there’s a trick, we know it. An angle? We’ve already tried it.
No automated reporting
Most agencies use software that churns out a report with your logo on it. You’ll get nice graphs but no usable insight.
Graded recommendations
There’s no point having a long list of things to do and it’s not difficult to make one. Every suggestion we make we grade on two factors: time to implement and potential to increase your revenue.
Joined up thinking
Organic, paid, social and email marketing all interact and feed off each other. To maximize your revenue you need to look at all of them. And understand how they relate.
Making more money can mean spending less
Your budget is just as important as ours. We don’t just look for opportunities for growth from investment but where you are over-spending too.
Honest and straightforward
A lot of agencies like to bamboozle you with data and graphs. It looks pretty and you’ll think you’ve got good value for money. But we know you need actionable research that will produce results and as quickly as possible.

What we can provide

Universal audit
We look at every aspect of your site and marketing to find ways for you to make more money.
PPC audit
We'll dissect your PPC account to show you exactly what you should be doing to make more profit.
PPC training
Google ads, Google Ads Editor, Facebook remarketing. Learn what you need to know to grow your profit.
SEO and competitor audit
Schema, links, speed, meta-tags, great content, how social and paid impact organic. We’ll cover it all and focus on ares of your choosing.

What are people in the same field doing that you aren’t? What are the steps can you take to increase your organic visits? Ranking is just one part.
Email marketing consultancy
We'll do a deep dive into your email practices. Deliverability, standards, conversion rates. We'll show you where you can improve.

What do people say about our work?

Yorgos is a real PPC expert that I have known for many years. His advice and recommendations have proved invaluable to the success of Economy Car Rentals. I recommend him to anyone wholeheartedly.
Yorgos Kokologiannis
MD @ EconomyCar Rentals
Yorgos did fantastic PPC work for us while I was at LD Lines/DFDS despite a very competitive field. The account performed incredibly well. He's diligent, focused and results driven. You can't go wrong.
Kevin Alderson
Performance Marketing Manager @ DFDS
George Desipris
MD @
The guys at Marketing365 are some of the best. Really good people. Honest and trustworthy. I was happy to work with them and I would be happy to work with them again in the future.
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Our process

1. Onboarding & your objectives

The most important phase. Getting to know you and your business. This can be done in person or remotely. We’ll also have a simple questionnaire for you to fill in. You’re the experts in your business problems. We’ll become the experts in finding the solutions.

2. Analysing your performance

We’ll need access to your accounts take measurements for a period of weeks. How long depends on your numbers. During this period we’ll also immediately get some ideas about what you need. Even data led industries rely on experience.

3. We’ll compare your data to the competition

We’ll look at what your competitors are doing and see where the biggest differences are ,and use the latest and best software tools to do it. Whether it’s PPC, SEO, social or email.

4. What do the tools say about just you

We’ll now do a deep dive into your site and marketing practices using tools like AHREFs, DeepCrawl, Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Post Master Tools and others.

5. An initial outline of our findings

The worst part about getting a standard audit is that you get loads of information that you know about already. It looks good and you’re impressed that the agency found these things that you knew about. But it’s also a waste of time. 

So we’ll provide an outline of what we found and were we’re looking at before honing down on the areas that are new or important.

6. Delivering a report is not the end

We’ll deliver a comprehensive report with our findings graded based on time to implement and potential for increased profit. We’ll present them either online or in person.

But we realize that from your end now comes the implementation stage and you’ll most likely have further questions and for this reason we schedule in two follow ups at schedules to suit you.

We work with

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About us

i am
I've got 20 years in the industry. I've worked for a search engine, design studios, an online magazine and a commerce awards / exhibition organisation. I also spent five years working for an e-commerce platform. I've lived and worked in the UK and San Francisco. I'm a Cambridge certificated programmer with an HND in Multimedia Design and a Bachelor's degree in Interactive Design. I'm based in York.
Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Angular JS, Vue Js, C++, SQL.
Yorgos Xylouris
I have 22 years experience in the digital sphere. 17 in PPC. I started in 1997 and founded  one of the biggest online travel portals in Greece. SInce then I've worked in the ferry and print businesses specialising in Google Ads. But also Bing and others. I love wringing out a profit even when it seems impossible.  Over the years I've also been involved in SEO for the travel/hotels industry. I live in Crete.
Paid Ads (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Yandex.Direct), SEO, Web Hosting, Analytics, CRO, WordPress.
Francis Scriven
i am
I have 16 years experience in online marketing. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems Design and a Masters in Digital Marketing from Oxford Brookes Business School.  My experience comes from working in house which brings a different perspective to people with only agency experience. I live in Naxos. 
WordPress, SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Email Marketing,  PPC,  Copywriting, Link-Building.
Google AdsGoogle OptimizeGoogle Certified
Google AnalyticsGoogle Search Console
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What people say about us

"When it comes to SEO, PPC and email marketing, they really know what they are doing. I would be more than happy to recommend them."
Rory Mcall
Marketing Manager
@ Celtic Link Ferries
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in Greece
We speak English, Greek, Italian and German
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Why choose us?
Quality over quanitity
We don’t have or want many clients.
We’re always available
Chat, email or phone. We’ll be there.
We want to make you money
We’re not young, trendy and creative. We get the job done.
We can see where your business can grow
It may be PPC. It may be local SEO. Our experience gives us insight.
We ‘re experts at finding the profititability sweet spot
When it comes to PPC, we know that spending more is not always best. We spend the right amount to make you the most money.
20+ years of experience each
Expertise comes from experience.

Phone: +30.6946.791248

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